Worst Things About Bollywood You Must Know

Our scripts are lazy. We as an audience reward mediocrity by routinely going for movies based only on the star-cast. Our acting community is filled with talentless, over-privileged twats whose families have cornered the movie market for decades. We routinely and unabashedly plagiarize scripts and songs from all over the world. Our most “prestigious” popular movie awards are all a huge circle-jerk. We speak out against objectification of women, and yet play the latest hot item number at every party.

Unless there is a reaffirming answer to the above questions, this industry will continue to churn out dull, uninspiring romantic flicks, prep them up with the same, formulaic songs, and the coming generations of the Kapoors, and the Khans, and the Roshans will keep laughing at the naivety of us Indian movie-goers, while stroking each others’ egos on Koffee with Karan.

1. Same storyline

Most of the Bollywood movies have same story which is love.It's very hard to find some good movies like 3 idiots,Dangal,Pink or Lipstick under my burkah.Most of the movies features middle aged hero and heroin who will fall in love for each other.That's very disgusting to watch in every time

2. Same issue all the time

There are so many issues in the world but Bollywood only focus on love story of middle aged people in a dramatic manner. There is no retaliation with originality.

3. Untimely Songs

There is a song in every 20-30 minutes and background songs always all the time. People start dancing with hero or with heroine in same rhythm where ever they are i.e shopping mall,field.

4. Vulgarity

Is it necessary for the heroine to strip down to a bikini just to dance? Item songs of yesteryear were never this raunchy. They were loved because they were good (Chamma chamma) not because the item girl was practically naked.

5. Comedians in serious movies

Even in the serious movies there is a comedian who is looking for girlfriend or boyfriend or without no reasons doing crazy stuffs to make viewers laugh.( i.e Dangal)

6. Remakes

In past time when the Indian film industry was capable of producing films like Pakeeza and Mughal-e-Azam. Now, each movie seems like a remake of it's previous one.

7. Overrated Actor and Actresses

About 80% of the actors/actresses in Bollywood can’t act. I mean Katrina Kaif is pretty, yes, but let’s face it, she can’t act to save her life. Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are good looking? From where? Salman Khan has a small head with a big body and somehow looks more like an orangutan than he does human and Shahrukh Khan who is in his 50’s is trying to make movies where he is doing thumkas to Chammak Chalo.

8. Glamorized Depiction of India

Bollywood movies tend to glamorize India showing a make belief world of fashion, clubs and the elite. This takes away from the fact that India has a very high rate of poverty and instead of the dazzling lights we see in Bollywood flicks, India is bathed with slums.

9. Scarcity of Cloth in India

Bollywood movies make me feel like there’s a scarcity of cloth in India. Female actors’ clothes seem to get less and less with every film. They even seem to have outdone Hollywood stars as their shorts have become shorter and saris blouses skimpier. Not to mention the vulgar dances in those tiny clothes.

10.Bollywood is a business of distribution

The stories may not appeal to the sensibility of the folks on this forum, but they are still extremely commercially viable. In the end it is a business. Main stream cinema is not made to satisfy some uber creative ambition of a few. There is lot of money on stake in each film and (fortunately or unfortunately) Indian audience respond to what is made. 
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