Least Known Facts about Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan

Referred to as one of the finest actors today by experts and critics alike,Irrfan Khan truely deserves to be explored more. This answer about the strange facts about Irfan Khan is a small token of respect to him.

Starred in director Navneet Baj Saini's 2007 shelved film " Teersri Manzil". Co starring Lucky Ali, Ranveer Shorey, Deepal Shaw, Nausheen Ali Sardar. The films title was later changed to "Bangkok Blues".

He approached to star in Anjan Das film "Faltu"(2005) Starring Yash Pandit Manjari, Tinnu Anand,Anjan Srivastav. Produced by Planline Life. The film was based on the partition. He agreed to star in the film but later had to back out.

Now check out some more interesting facts about Irrfan Khan and you will notice he is not only one of the finest actors in Bollywood but also he has the extreme talent to shake Hollywood too.

1. Irrfan wanted to be a cricketer of which his parents were disapproving. Call it luck that he got a scholarship for NSD ( National school of drama) while pursuing M.A. in Jaipur. And he lied about past theatre experience to get into NSD. Meaning he became an actor by chance.

2. He was chosen by Mira Nair in Salaam Bombay when he was in his final year in NSD(1988).

3. He was a TV regular from 1994 to 98. He got so bored then that had it not been for Asif Kapadia's Warrior, Irfan would have quit acting and gone into oblivion.

4. He was offered a big role in Interstellar. He turned it down because he was required to stay in USA for 4 months at a stretch for the same.

5. He's been detained twice at Los Angeles airport because his name is similar to a terror suspect. "Now they recognise me" he joked once.

6. Irrfan's father used to tease him by saying that he's a Brahmin boy born in a Pathan family just because he disliked eating meat and hunting.

7. In his initial days as a struggler, he used to draw inspiration from Manoj Kumar and Naseeruddin Shah.

8. Irrfan had a shy and introvert nature while in school. He was once asked to sing and he couldn't utter a word back then.

9. At 6 feet 1 inch,Irrfan is one of the tallest actors in Bollywood.

10. The Lunchbox(which starred Irrfan as the lead) is the only Indian movie to have ever won a TFCA(Toronto Film Critics Association) award.
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