Most Controversial Statements made by Rakhi Sawant

When we talk about Indian Celebrities specially the Bollywood celebrities, first thing that comes to out mind are glamour and sexy actresses who are always ready to make us chill with excitement and one of them is one of the most controversial actress Rakhi Sawant.

No doubt she is hot and sexy, but with that she is also quite active on social media and fast forward in expressing her views infront of the media and most of the times her statements are shown in a negative way.

This is quite obvious in Indian society as any celebrity who speaks something irrational ultimately become headlines and same in the case of Rakhi Sawant who has given so many uncountable controversial statements.

Whether it be showing her sexy body on Instagram, music videos or talking something disrespectful against any Bollywood star, she has a long list of aweful statements that you need to look out here.

Here are some of the most controversial statements made by the controversy queen Rakhi Sawant, take a look.

1.Sunny Leone should be banned in India.

2.I was Indrani Mukherjea's favourite star.

3.I am a virgin.

4.I think you can compare me with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna.

5.Aamir Khan and I are similar. Neither of us has ever got an award, but then we have got credit from our audiences.

6.I'm sure Baba Ramdev will lose his virginity when he comes face-to-face with my adaayein.

7.It seems Katrina really likes me รข€“ in Chikni Chameli, she is again following me....

8.Without sex appeal there is no talent and without talent there is no sex appeal.

9.I fail to understand as to why no one has offered me roles like the ones offered to the legendary actor Smita Patil.

10.She called Valmiki a 'murderer and robber' that left the Valmiki community angry when she made a shocking remark against the writer who penned the epic Ramayana. 

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