Five qualities in a woman that would attract you and keep you in a long-term relationship

It is quite uncommon in most of the couples now a days for being in a long term relationship as there are many facts that plays as the major source of breakup. Gone are the days when there were promises to be with till death, you can also see many breakups in Hollywood too as every now and then you hear the heart-breaking news of the breakup of your favorite celebrities.

Here in this article you will get a fine view points of some of the Quora users who have shared about the five qualities that would attract you and keep you in a long-term relationship with her, take a brief look.

Smart: This is very important in long-term relationship. She has to be able to hold conversation and be civilized human being.

Honest: You cannot have a real relationship based on lies.

Independent/Strong: For many reason. E.g. If we have children together and I die she needs to be able to take care of them. Life isn’t always fun, she needs to be able to support me in time of crisis or endure hardship with me if we are to have a long term relationship.

Confident: It is sexy and it is just generally hard to have good relationship with timid person.

Attractive: Don’t have to be model, just personal individual look is often enough. Something different from others, something that catches my eye. Big eyes are very attractive. Waist–hip ratio is more important than body mass index. Bust size doesn’t matter.
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