The Best Examples of Beauty with the Brain will encourage you to do something Extraordinary

There are quite a few personalities in the world who are no doubt very beautiful and appealing that will swing your mind but on the other hand their intelligence will surely encourage you to step forward and do something extraordinary and that works many a times with many people across the globe.

That doesn't come all of an instance but after a lot of struggle and hardship, dedication to do something new, here is the list of those beautiful personalities across the globe who are not only extremely beautiful but also very talented and so they are called as beauty with the brain.

Queen Rania of Jordan

She attended the New English School in Jabriya, Kuwait, then received a degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. Upon her graduation from American University, she worked briefly in marketing for Citibank, followed by a job with Apple Inc. in Amman.
She was ranked as the most beautiful consort (or first lady) in the world by Harpers and Queenmagazine in 2011.

Nandana Sen

Born to Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna economist Amartya Sen and Padma Shri winner Nabanita Dev Sen, one of the most prominent authors in the contemporary Bengali literature. Nandana Sen's first piece of writing was published when she was a child in the magazine Sandesh, selected by Satyajit Ray.

Nandana Sen studied literature at Harvard University, where she was awarded the Detur Prize in her first year for topping her class, and thereafter every year she also won both the John Harvard Scholarship and the Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Award for Academic Achievement of the Highest Distinction.

Danica McKellar

Kevin Arnold's on-off girlfriend Winnie Cooper in the television series The Wonder Years, and later wrote four non-fiction books: Math Doesn't Suck, Kiss My Math, Hot X: Algebra Exposed and Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape, which encourage middle-school and high-school girls to have confidence and succeed in mathematics.

Jhumpa Lahiri

She won the Pulitzer Prize and was nominated for the Man Booker as well. She has literary masterpieces such as The Namesake and The Lowlandunder her belt. She has multiple degrees from Boston University as well.

Yalda Hakim

Aged 32, this lady was born in Afghanistan. From there her father managed to smuggle his whole family to Australia via Pakistan. She speaks English, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Dari and Pashto with fluency.
Profession: Broadcast journalist currently working with BBC World News.

Mayim Bialik (aka Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler)

  • She chose to attend University of California, Los Angeles, although she also had been accepted at both Harvard and Yale.
  • She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience, Hebrew studies, and Jewish studies, and went on to earn a doctorate in neuroscience.
  • Bialik started her career as a child actress in the late 1980s.
  • She joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler.
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