How do husbands deal with feeling lusty when their wives are on their period?

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Its quite hard for many men to live without sex when their wives are on their period but there are a couple of misconceptions that every men should know in this article. Sexual intercourse is quite usual after marriage and it has been found that those couples who do sex quite often in a week do enjoy a healthy married life without any hassle or hurdles in their personal life.

Here some of the facts that husbands should know how to deal with feeling lusty when their wives are on their period.

Some Quora users have shared their opinion just have a look at these points.

1.It really is an individual preference. For some couples it doesn't hinder their sex life at all, while this time of the month is a no-go zone for others. It is obviously an important issue, because there are new products being designed just to address this time of the month for couples

2.Some women get horny when they’re menstruating, crave sex, and find that it eases their cramps. The messiness can be dealt with using a towel on the bed and damp washcloths handy.

3.If she is having cramps and is totally adverse to having sex at all, then he can just suck it up and wait for a few days, or watch some porn and beat off. I recommend a Flashlight.

4.If a couple has a healthy relationship why should masturbation be a problem or hurt anyone’s feelings? I think it is never a problem per se. Unless you have been raised in a puritan culture it is a natural thing and it can offend someone only if there is something wrong deeply in your relationship. For example if one of the partners refuses to have intercourse with their spouse but still does it solo - it certainly rises a question that maybe there is some unresolved problem between partners.

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