Best time to visit Maldives for a memorable Trip


The Maldives is a prevalent visitor goal for explorers from over the world and has such a great amount to offer. The peaceful magnificence of the Maldives is reviving and stunning for those searching for an astonishing knowledge for their vacation.

The beauty of the archipelago of Maldives is that it is a year-round destination. You can visit the island any time of the year and enjoy your holiday. For European travelers, the best time to visit Maldives is their winter season, as they can sunbath on the tropical islands of Maldives to their heart’s content. However, travelers from India not really need to worry about the best season to visit Maldives.

Amazing Friday Mosque

maldives mosque

Greatest mosque in the entire of the Maldives, Grand Friday Mosque is a noteworthy vacation spot because of its engineering and plan of past circumstances. Built in the year 1656 by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar, the mosque merits going by on an occasion in the Maldives. With a prominent Islamic focus and a limit with regards to 5000 individuals, the Grand Friday Mosque is a prideful fascination. Regardless of the possibility that you are not exceptionally religious, you should visit this mosque for its extraordinary coral inscriptions and tombs of national legends.

Esjehi Art Gallery

Esjehi Art Gallery

This vacation spot is a workmanship display arranged in the capital city, on the eastern side of Sultan Park. Situated in one of the most established structures, the exhibition is a significant regard for craftsmanship sweethearts as it saves, advances and introduces work of art (conventional and modern)of nearby individuals. Despite being a little exhibition, the place holds different workshops for Maldive craftsmen and has a better than average accumulation of workmanship, which makes it worth going by amid your vacation in the Maldives.

Maldives Fish Market

Maldives Fish Market

Arranged on the north side of the Male waterfront, The Fish Market of is a swarmed vacation spot. Traveler, guests and local people are discovered looking for vegetables, new organic products, dried fish, fish and numerous other such fish assortment. The uniqueness of the market is its cleanliness. While holidaying in the Maldives, do visit this market for its business exercises.

Shorelines in the Maldives

Shorelines in the Maldives

No occasion in the Maldives is finished without its shorelines, which is the reason heaps of traveler and guests make a beeline for its outlandish and distinctive shorelines. The Maldives has various shorelines with stunning excellence and loads of water exercises. The majority of the Maldives tourism relies upon its shorelines and resorts. Some of these shorelines are the shorelines of Sun Island, Paradise Island, Royal Island Resorts, Fuammulak and some more.

December – April

December - April

These months constitute summers in Maldives and is also the peak tourist season. Between December and April, the island boasts of dry weather. There will be little or no rain showers during this time, hence, making it ideal for tourists to travel.

May – August

May - August

Mostly defined by the monsoons, which generally last from May-end to August, the weather during this time is mostly wet. Make sure you carry an umbrella when you go out. Vary few tourist prefer to come during this time and hence it is an off-season in Maldives. However, some resorts offer great deals during this time which budget travelers can keep a track on.