Bollywood movies which dared to do something risky

newton movie

Bollywood movies have a deep impact on the audience in India in general and worldwide too to a little extent. But there is one thing that some filmmakers wanted to show in their movies are highly sensitive issues, about social stigmas and so on. We try to be like them, look like them and behave like them. We all want our life to be a perfect film story. Cinema plays an important role in our lives, even more than we notice. Here is the list of 5 Indian movies which were much more than just entertainment.

Rang De Basanti

This movie needs no introduction. Rang De Basanti revolves around lives of a group of students who protest against the government and the fighter MIG planes used by the Air Force after the death of their friend in a plane crash. This thought-provoking movie created a huge impact socially with the candle lighting sequence which is often used in real life even now by citizens for protesting an issue.

The film left a social impact as many people came forward to talk about corruption and bureaucracy and their inefficiency in providing basic amenities. The film managed to strike the right chord and received huge success. The term “RDB effect” is often used while referring to instances of public activism on matters of public interest. It gives inspiration to the youth of the country that even he/she can bring a change in the society.

Chak De India

Chak De India

Chak De india is one movie that played an important role in reviving popularity of hockey, especially women hockey in India. One of the finest performances by Shah Rukh Khan, Chak De! India talks about religion, sexism, India partition, regional prejudice, emotions and lot more through field hockey.

After a new hockey council was formed, former hockey player, Aslam Sher Khan, stated in an interview, “We have to make a Team India as you have seen in bollywood blockbuster Chak De! India. There are players from several parts of the country. We have to unite them to make a powerful force.” Chak De! India was granted tax exemptions by the state of Bihar.

Taare Zameen Par

Whenever parents see their child scoring low in exams, they blame it on his carelessness and ask him to pay more attention to his studies. The child is sometimes grounded, isn’t allowed to watch tv or play his favourite video game so that he could concentrate more on his career. Hardly do we notice that it can be much more than just carelessness from the child’s side.

The movie beautifully captures life of Ishaan, a dyslexic kid who struggles everyday to do simple things of life. As simple as tying a shoe lace. It spread a message to all those families who want their kid to excel in everything – every kid is different and has different needs.

3 idiots

The revolutionary movie that gave a whole new twist to the Indian education system. The movie gives a message that education doesn’t require money, uniform, big schools and colleges, all it requires is the strong will to study. The story also focuses on how the education system should look beyond high grades and should focus on what a kid wants to do.

Released in 2009 and directed by Raju Hiraani, the film stars Amir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi vaidya and Boman Irani. The film broke all opening box office records in India. The film also uses real inventions by little-known people in India’s backyards, and has won 40 accolades.



A fine performance by Shah Rukh Khan, the movie focuses on the issue of brain drain and Indians moving abroad for greener pastures. The story revolves around the life of an NRI who works for NASA and how his visit to a village changes his life along with hundreds of other villagers. The movie inspired a lot of NRIs to come back to the roots and work for the country. The movie gives a message that a little help from the fortunate and educated ones can help the underprivileged to a great extent.


Newton bollywood movie

A very Unique plot in which A government clerk tries to run a free and fair election in a conflict area in central India.

Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi are two of our best actors, on top of their game in Newton.


fire bollywood movie

Not an ‘erotic film’, but this masterpiece by Deepa Mehta was one of the first Indian films to depict homo$exuality in women in mainstream cinema. Despite irking several political groups, the film went on to be one of the most critically films of all time.

That Girl In Yellow Boots

That Girl In Yellow Boots

A bold film revealing the shocking truth found by a girl, who was desperately searching for her father since long. A father, who was a sex maniac abusing his daughters in their early childhood and now looking for some kind of spiritual solace in various cities, ashrams and even a massage parlour, where incidentally his daughter only was working as the masseuse.