Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All the articles written in this Entertainment Portal is the sole property of Cinemaceleb Entertainment Network and the articles are genuine and authentic contents.

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Cinemaceleb Entertainment Network has always given emphasis to provide real and authentic news to the utmost level, so it would not be a wise decision for those who prefer to copy the contents of the articles.

Factors that comes under Privacy Policy

1.This entertainment portal respects the personal privacy of the fellow visitors and with that also held the right to moniter the IP to avoid any malpractice and it also applies to the information collected on

2.We can collect personal information in regards to the internet network that you are using, telephone number, address and gender.

3.If we find any sort of misuse, than we hold the rights to disclose your personal information in the public so, it the sole responsibility of the fellow readers to maintain the importance of privacy of this

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As privacy policy of other websites links change simultaneously, and we have to maintain a high level of standard information, will not be held responsible for any data and privacy policy of other websites consent to securities of other websites that are linked to

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

It is the sole reponsibility of you to maintain the ethics of this privacy policy and concerning buy generic accutane uk the fact that we hold the right to moniter every visitors IP and personal data.