Some of the most mind-blowing facts about Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

The controversial leader of the world’s largest democracy was selected with a huge mandate ever since the 1984 elections. Narendra Modi, the man leading 1.2 billion people is the 15th Prime Minister of India. He is also the first PM to be born in an independent India. Read on to know more of such unknown facts about Narendra Modi.

Modi’s love for his country started young. During his childhood, he served as a volunteer to the India army at the railway stations during the Indo- Pak war of 1965. He also helped the flood victims in Gujarat in 1967.

Here are some of the most awesome and mind-blowing facts about India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

Narendra Modi likes to write poems and click photographs. He has already written a few books in Gujarati language and exhibited his collection of photographs.

Narendra Modi Gujarati peoms


Narendra Modi is the second most followed politician on social media after the President of the United States. He has over 30 million followers on Twitter.

Narendra Modi Twitter

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